Little ones enjoy playing – soft play and tumble tots are a good way to bring entertainment to your party. At this age the children do not interact with each other. Entertainers for this age group are not a good idea. If you are going to invite older children too, then obviously an entertainer would be a good idea. If the party is for only 1 & 2 Year olds then music, songs and dancing mixed with soft play is exactly what they want.

PARTIES FOR 3 – 4 YEAR OLDSHappy-Birthday-6

Good age for an entertainer. Make sure the entertainer has experience with under 5’s. Parties are great at your own child’s nursery. Obviously with permission of the Nursery.

Be prepared for some 3 years olds to have a tear – sometimes they are very shy – perhaps show them a picture of the entertainer before the party. Prepare you child before – but not too far in advance because you will have ‘is it now time for the party’ every day. ha ha  Another tip is to have an early party – maybe 11.00am – 1.00pm, it’s a good time to eat party food, and they won’t have all day to wait for the party to begin. A smaller party is better than a large crowd – too much noise – mainly from the parents can cause stress to the birthday child, Remember the party is for your child not everyone else.  Happy Partying!!



At this age your child has just started Big School – it will probably be their first big Party. Sometimes there is a pressure on mums to invite the whole class. This is normal and it can be difficult to leave a few classmates out (especially if they are the naughty ones!!) An entertainer is just what you need to help you out!!

After School – If you are having a party in the week, straight after school, always remember they will be hungry, so feed them at the beginning of the party. So they will be settled – fed and watered. They can also be quite hypo! after school, this is quite normal, if you can image they have been at school all day together and talking about nothing else!! As an entertainer I sometimes include games in the one hour show, the children need to move and use up all that energy!!



Beautiful age!! They love fun, laughter and a good party and they understand most of the games.By this age you don’t have to invite the whole class, they have bonded with certain children and you can be more selective. An entertainer is just perfect at this age for your party.




At this age they need a bit more stimulus. Have a Construction Party (Mini Digger Party) these are fabulous fun. see Mini Diggers for more details.

My Back to Front Discos are packed with fun, dance routines, games and brilliant music tailored to your children’s needs. Call 01322 288084 or Email for details.


 All Ages – Our Mini Digger parties – (see Mini Digger Page) these parties are suitable for all ages – with supervision.

Have something different a Construction party. !!120180421_112858




As mums, you always make an outstanding effort to make, buy, or design a brilliant birthday cake, So why then wrap it up in a napkin and give it out to the children to probably get squashed on the way home!!!

Why not eat it at the party? It makes sense. Blow out the candles at the beginning of the birthday tea and once the sandwiches etc. have been eaten, eat the lovely birthday cake. It saves money on buying more cakes and biscuits and the children will enjoy eating it. Give it a try!! And then hand out my beautiful hand made party bags. Good luck and happy partying.!!!