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News and Special Offers

Good News we now have our own Venue for Digger Parties.

If you would love to host a Digger Party for your Birthday party – we can supply the  venue – get in touch for details

We all love special offers and these are sometimes on offer in the week (not including the children’s holiday times). Give me a ring and ask.

If you would like me or Dizzy Lolly to supply modelling balloons at your one or two hour party these can be purchased at 50p each. We bring the balloons to your party and you can hand them out before they go home. If you order PARTY BAGS for your party – I can supply them on a Sale or Return Basis – if maybe 5 children do not attend your party – then give me back the 5 without any charge. Simple. Saves you money!!!

If I cannot do the date you require I am happy to recommend another good entertainer – we would rather you have a good entertainer to make your party a success. If I attend your Childs party and you have a picture you wish to send it could be featured on this page!

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 Happy New Year – one and all. thank you all for booking Mrs back to Front and Dizzy Lolly during 2019.

We had lots of fun, we hope you did too.

We have another New Venture – Nerf Gun Parties – is there no stopping them, you may say? well the answer is no,

We love to have fun, as well as the children, so we are offering this new venture, as well as the Digger Parties , and of course, our usual

parties, with Dizzy Lolly and Mrsb2f.  If you would like more details give Dizzy Lolly or myself Mrsb2f a call and we will help you with the

details. Happy New Year. 2020unnamed (2)

The children in the picture do not have their safety  goggles on, but I can assure they did for the party.

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Posted by Denise

Hi All , as you know we have been hosting Mini Digger Parties for Children/Construction for the past 3 years with lots of success!!! We do realise it is not always easy finding a venue or using your own to host these parties. So Good News is here !!!

We have our own venue – be prepared to where your old clothes, as it’s a working Construction site but at the weekends it hostDigger Parties.

This site is in Dartford. If you want to host a Digger Party and need a venue – get in touch and I’ll give you the details.

These parties are great fun for boys and girls or all ages. We will even provide the food. !!!

Call for details. Denise 07710461807 10 mini digger parties

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