Happy New Year – one and all. thank you all for booking Mrs back to Front and Dizzy Lolly during 2019.

We had lots of fun, we hope you did too.

We have another New Venture – Nerf Gun Parties – is there no stopping them, you may say? well the answer is no,

We love to have fun, as well as the children, so we are offering this new venture, as well as the Digger Parties , and of course, our usual

parties, with Dizzy Lolly and Mrsb2f.  If you would like more details give Dizzy Lolly or myself Mrsb2f a call and we will help you with the

details. Happy New Year. 2020unnamed (2)

The children in the picture do not have their safety  goggles on, but I can assure they did for the party.