Covid 19 !!!!  Well I am sorry for all the children who have missed out on their celebrations.  I have been very busy making videos for lots of children to bring a bit

of sunshine into their birthday whilst in lockdown.  We have all had to do our bit for a community. I’ve been making videos as I said, but also making masks for friends and

family and even sold a few.  I’ve been doing lots of cooking and gardening.  I made a lovely Punch video for our Punch & Judy celebration which should have been in Covent

garden on May 10th 2020.  This celebration celebrates Mr Punch’s birthday.  – he would have been 358.  !!! It’s a long story how we know, and it involves Samuel Pepy’s diaries.

Back to Covid 19.  We have now been advised by the Govenment (week 10) that we can meet up with up to 6 people in a garden.  Now that would make it very difficult if you

wanted me to entertain because with Mum and dad, me birthday child – that only leaves 2 other people to attend ??? not sure that is good??

Also we are not supposed to interact with each other – so unfortunately it would be an impossible  job.  We will have to give it time before we can all get together.

I will be intouch again. Stay Safe.  Mrsb2f and Dizzy Lolly.